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Who We Are

A community who
encourages you to think
differently about life

Chess Britt, Author and Founder of Seek to be Wise, influences those around him to use their talents to become better versions of themselves. Seek to be Wise is a community of people who are longing to live a more fulfilling, abundant life.

Chess hopes to plant seeds of wisdom for each member to harvest and grow at their own pace. We all have different experiences and circumstances, but there are invaluable lessons we can learn to evolve into the people we are meant to be — our best selves.

Our Mission

The Book

It started with a book, let's make it a movement.

Chess grew up in a small town in rural Georgia. He was raised by grounded, loving parents, led a successful career in business, raised a family, and has learned many lessons throughout his lifetime. Once retired, Chess reflected on the wisdom of his experiences, documented his unique perspectives, and published his first book, Seek to be Wise.
Meet the Author

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“I had the privilege of working with Chess for over 30 years! In all those years, the characteristic I most admired in him was his wisdom. I always referred to him as the “Wise Old Owl” of our company. His wisdom and leadership helped guide us through the toughest of times.”

John Addison
CEO & President, Addison Leadership Group

“Christian readers in particular will appreciate Britt’s genuine guidance driven by deep faith, but any reader can appreciate his testament to picking up life-changing wisdom from those one knows best.”

Publishers Weekly

“Over time and especially into adulthood, as our world expands, our curiosity, sadly, tends to fade. Chess Britt has therefore hit a bull’s eye on one of the most vital aspects of personal success: the lifelong search for wisdom. While the most important lessons are always closest to home, the journey never stops.”

Josh Ellis
Former Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS Magazine